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So what’s so great about these bags? Where to begin…

All our bags are handmade in San Francisco, CA
They are made from locally sourced materials
They are available in recycled materials and eco-cottons
They are functional, durable, washable and comfortable
They have multiple pockets – everything has a place
They are light-weight and pack flat; perfect for travel
The workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the bag

Let’s not forget – they look fabulous


Slainte Bags was started by Jillian Bornemann back in 2003. It was one of those accidental success stories – did a weekend sewing course, got addicted to fabric, made a few bags for friends, word got out….

What has been just as important to Jill as developing the perfect bag, is ensuring that every aspect of the business is conducted in the most responsible way. Slainte Bags has kept its operations and production in San Francisco in order to take advantage of local talent, local materials and get firsthand feedback from the thousands of local customers.

The most profound impact on the company in recent years has been the shift to recycled materials and eco-cottons. The recycled fabrics you see in this collection are the “gold star” of reusable resources – 100% post consumer recycled polyester. Yes, those bags used to be soda bottles! The Eco-Cottons are reprocessed, pre-consumer textile waste that requires no new dyeing, no land use, no fertilizers, no new pesticides and no pollutants in its production. All fabrics are bought directly from the mills in North Carolina.

Jillian was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved to San Francisco in 1995. Her wild and diverse career path now seems to make sense. Without her waitressing days she would not have learned the importance of stellar customer service, without her corporate-America days she would not be able to watch the pennies, without her Greenpeace days she would not be putting the environment first when she had the choice and without her art teaching days she would not have developed an eye for such beautiful fabrics.

Aesthetics and ethics – the Slainte Bags way.

Jillian and her daughter Maeve, who is being groomed to take over the Slainte empire in 2025.

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